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Welcome to My Family online

My Family is a glossy family lifestyle magazine, jam-packed with fantastic features and articles offering valuable information to families, parents and parents-to-be.

Because My Family magazine has been created by parents for parents, we appreciate the challenges and joys of providing an enriched family environment for children to flourish in.

To help you manage the demands of busy family life a little more easily, we have a team of experts on hand to provide informative articles about family law, birth, breastfeeding, nutrition, health, business opportunities, education, home, environmental issues, baby and childhood development.

We aim to provide you with a practical parenting and family magazine that focuses on making the world a more rewarding, family friendly place and look to promote a number of awareness campaigns that are relevant to the wellbeing of families throughout the UK.

My Family love the fun things in life too, and to ensure that you enjoy every issue we include a number of fun competitions, exclusive discount codes, crafty projects and seasonal inspirations for gifts, family celebrations, leisure, travel and fashion.

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Anna Kennedy


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My Family Magazine
75 Elizabeth Court • Wigston
Leicester LE18 2AF
Telephone: 0116 2100911
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