5 board game fun ideas for a memorable family night

Spending quality time with your loved ones is priceless, and what better way to do it than at a family-friendly park? Board games can be a fun and engaging way to bond and create lasting memories. This article offers five board game suggestions that can bring joy and excitement to your family evenings. Whether you are new to gaming or an experienced player, these options promise to bring entertainment and laughter to the entire family.


Battleship is a classic strategy game in which two players face off in a naval battle. Each player has a fleet of ships to position on his grid. The aim is to sink the opponent's ships by bombarding them in turn. The first player to sink all his opponent's ships wins the game. This game is ideal for fans of strategy games and naval enthusiasts alike.


Codenames is a deduction and word association game requiring at least 4 players. Players are divided into two teams: spies and agents. The aim of the game is for the spies to find all the words in their team before the other team does. The spies receive clues from their leader, who must help them find the right words. The game is quick and easy to understand, and is ideal for those who enjoy word games and deduction games.

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a train-building strategy game for the whole family. The aim of the game is to build railroads across North America using train and destination cards. Players must plan their route to score points and block other players. The game is easy to learn but difficult to master, and is ideal for fans of strategy games and train enthusiasts.

Betrayal at Baldur's Gate

Betrayal at Baldur's Gate is a game of adventure, strategy and betrayal that will appeal to all fans of niche games. Players embody adventurers who must explore a monster-infested dungeon to find treasure and magical artifacts. But watch out, because one of the players is the Traitor, who will seek to sabotage the plans of the other players. The game is divided into two phases: the exploration phase and the betrayal phase. It's a captivating, timeless game that will appeal to all role-playing fans.

Sushi Go Party!

Sushi Go Party! is a fast-paced, fun card game suitable for all ages and experience levels. Players must form the best possible sushi combination by selecting and passing cards from their hand. Players score points according to the combinations they have made. The game is easy to learn and quick to play, and is perfect for a casual evening out with friends or family.

To sum up, the 5 board games we recommend for a successful family evening are :

  • Battleship, for strategy and naval fans
  • Codenames, for fans of words and deduction
  • Ticket to Ride, for fans of trains and strategy
  • Betrayal at Baldur's Gate, for fans of role-playing and betrayal
  • Sushi Go Party! for a quick and fun evening out with family and friends

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